Bailey Stewart
Romance to Tickle the Funny Bone

Welcome to my website
This is the website of an unpublished author, and, like my writing, it is a work in progress.  
I hope you come and visit me often and join me on this wild roller-coaster ride called love.  
Don't forget to put on your hardhat - there's a lot of dangling participles hanging around.
Love is wonderful
Laughter is good for you
Love+Laughter = romance with the power to make you feel better
Why Romantic Comedy?

We've loved the screwball comedic duos of the past: Tracy and Hepburn, Powell and Loy,
Hudson and Day.  They made us laugh, they made us love, they left us with smile for the
day.  With all the problems around us, a good chuckle combined with passion can't be all
that bad now, can it?  For the full essay, go to the Why Romance page on the navigation