I chose the rather typical and somewhat boring way to enter this world – I was
born.  This occurred in the Midwestern state of Iowa on a cold Christmas
morning to a carpenter and his wife Mary – no, I’m not kidding.  But there was
no bright light in the east or chorus of angels singing, but rather the yearly
complaint about how I ruined their Christmas.  I’ve  made them pay ever since.  
I’m the youngest of four children – much younger, which made me an only child
in a lot of ways.  That was okay with me, I see nothing wrong with being
absolutely spoiled rotten.  When I was eight the old man had the nerve to move
us to the great state of Texas – I say us, because, despite my whining, he
insisted on bringing my brothers.  By the time I entered my teen years, they
were all gone, leaving me in charge of spending all of my parents money, a job I
accepted without reservation.  I worked hard at my new position of Princess in
Waiting, meandering from one thing to another until I wound up at college.  
Since I was there anyway I decided to get a Bachelor of Arts in History, with a
minor in Anthropology, a great background for romantic comedy, don’t you
think?  I’m still at home, but for the very un-funny position of caregiver for my
mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s.  Mom and I, along with our four cats Neely
Shae, Seamas (a.k.a. Bubba the Red-Necked Kitty), Aidan and Bailey, meet each
day with love and laughter – and to paraphrase the wonderful Bill Cosby “With
humor you can survive anything”.
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