I think every author has a writer within their genre that they admire.  I’m no exception.  
When I grow up I want to be Jill Shalvis.  Jill is an extraordinary talent and deserves far
more recognition than she gets.  She creates characters that we can all identify with, real
people with human failings and foibles that we understand.  Then she adds just a twist of
quirkiness to bring out the humor without turning them into cartoon buffoons before the
end of the book.  That’s a fine line to walk and Shalvis does it with a perfection that is just
short of brilliant.  Her secondary characters are as integral to the storyline as the hero and
heroine and she makes them just as vibrant as the two main characters without allowing
them to take over the story.  Many, many writers fail at this, myself included, so I know how
hard it is to accomplish this.  Her heroes are to die for (please check out Bo Black from
Aussie Rules), men that have integrity, humor and sexy as hell.  What every woman wants,
right?  And her heroines are no slouches either.  They’re feisty, intelligent and oh, so
human – a refreshing change from the perfect heroine you read in so many books.  Check
out Jill at her
website – I can guarantee a laugh to start your day.

My Jill Shalvis Favorites:

Aussie Rules
Hero:  Jared Skye (Just Try Me)
Sexiest Hero:  Bo Black (
Aussie Rules)
Heroine: Summer Abrams (
Seeing Red)
Secondary Characters:  Danny and Dimi (
Aussie Rules)
Memorable Character: Dante (
Get a Clue)
Funniest Book:  
Get a Clue
Series:  The Rancher’s Surrender and The Detectives Undoing
Plot Device:  Glow-in-the-dark pink vibrator (Get a Clue)
Love Story:  Tie –
The Bachelor’s Bed and Back in the Bedroom
Secondary Storyline:  Hope’s story in Her Sexiest Mistake

Jill Shalvis